About Us

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

-Chinese proverb

We are a 501 (C) 3,  all-volunteer organization whose mission is to bring life-saving cardiac care to orphaned and impoverished children in China. Comprised of adoptive parents, medical professionals, and in-China volunteers, we seek to raise awareness of the plight of children in China born with Congenital Heart Disease, provide education to those caring for these children, and assist in building the infrastructure necessary to provide them with the interventions they need. This work is done by highly skilled cardiac surgeons and cardiologists from the United States who work alongside, and train, cardiac surgeons and cardiologists in China. Our team of physicians also collaborate with those in China to create care plans for children in need residing in China’s orphanages and medical foster homes. Together, we are saving the lives of orphaned children while simultaneously advancing orphan care in China through training the latest techniques in open heart surgeries and interventional heart cath procedures. Our administrators in the U.S. and China work hand in hand with the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption, Civil Affairs, orphanages, adoption agencies, and medical foster homes to promote education in the field of cardiac care.

Little Hearts Medical started when the Lee family from Washington state saw the need among critically ill orphaned children living at Little Flower Foster Home in Beijing, China. The family has two biologial children and four adopted children from China, including three who suffer from Congenital Heart Disease. These three children were unable to receive care in China, but received life-saving cardiac care upon their arrival in the US.

In 2012, the Lee family traveled to China to bring home their youngest child … Jian Jun, a little boy who was in Hospice care at Little Flower Foster Home. During their adoption trip to China, they met a talented heart surgeon at BaYi Children’s Hospital in Beijing who had cared for Jian Jun, but couldn’t repair his heart. He expressed a desire to meet the Lee’s doctors in the US and learn from them.

The  family introduced this surgeon to their U.S. doctors, Dr. Stephen Langley,  Director of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery and Dr. Laurie Armsby, Pediatric Cardiologist,  both of whom worked at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon at the time.

Dr. Langley, Dr. Armsby and a team of medical professionals first traveled to China in October and November 2012, and then again in February 2013. During those trips, they worked with Chinese doctors to provide free care to orphans while laying the foundation for a promising collaborative relationship. Little Hearts Medical has since made several return trips to China where the organization has continued to expand its mission with the help of the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption, Civil Affairs, medical foster homes including Little Flowers Project, and the Holt International China Foundation.

Little Hearts Medical is now partnered with medical professionals across the United States, as well as leading healthcare institutions in China to provide free, complex cardiac care to China’s neediest children.


Mike Lee

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Tanya Lee

Co-Founder and Director of Nursing



Laurie Armsby, M.D.,

Jay Fricker, M.D.

Gerald R. Marx, M.D.

J. John Blaine, MD, FACC, FASE

The Rest of Our Team

Ann Bartlinski, Special Projects Coordinator

Dr. Edward Bartlinski, Special Projects Assistant and Medical Advisor

Dennis Yang, In-China Coordinator/Travel Coordinator; Medical Translation Assistant

Susan Song, In-China Coordinator

Lijing Lu, Child Identification Coordinator

Sarah Karlsen, Public Relations Assistant