Dr. Langley in China

August 1, 2016
by Andrea Olson

While we were sleeping, little Ci underwent surgery with Little Hearts Medical’s Surgical Director, Dr. Stephen Langley, and our partner surgeons at BaYi Children’s Hospital. Ci is recovering well, and we are happy to report that his Pulmonary Hypertension was not as severe as it had been originally assessed to be. Please pray for his continued recovery and for the surgeons who will be providing hope and healing to three more children over the next few days.

Also, please pray for peace and comfort for the children’s ayis, who anxiously wait for the children they love to emerge from surgery. Just look at the love and concern on the face of Ci’s ayi as she says her goodbyes to him prior to him being taken to pre-op. At Dew Drops, each child receives one-on-one care from a designated ayi during the duration of their care at the home, so the bonds formed are strong and deep.

Several hours from now, fragile Yao will be undergoing her first surgery, either a BT shunt or RV to LPA conduit. Palliation will provide her with the oxygenation she will need to stabilize and grow until the next phase of her intervention.

My deepest thanks to Dr. Langley for his time and committment to our mission. He will be traveling to other parts of China after his time in Beijing in order to continue our training program. Little Hearts Medical is an all-volunteer organization, and our medical and administrative staff self-fund all trips to China, allowing our precious donor dollars to go towards our programs and not travel costs.

Thank you for your support, as always!


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