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Little Hearts Medical began with Medical Missions to China in 2012 and 2013, and since then we have continued to expand our programs. Read on to learn more!


Medical Missions


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Since 2012, LHM has been partnering with BaYi Children’s Hospital, Beijing United Hospital,  Little Flowers Project, and more recently with the newly established Dew Drops Cardiac Care Home.  Our U.S. based team of Pediatric Cardiologists, Cardiac Interventionalists, and Cardiothoracic Surgeons travel to Beijing and other areas of China, providing cath-based interventions, open heart surgeries, training and educational collaboration.






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Assisting in constructing the foundation for pediatric cardiac care in China is an essential element of our organization.  We strive to help provide the equipment necessary to compliment our training programs.  With the help of our donors, we have been able to provide medical equipment to our partner hospitals and medical foster homes, including pulse oximetry units, cardio-pulmonary by-pass kits, sterile surgical supplies, and much more.

In November of 2015, we were proud to present Dr. Zhou, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at BaYi Children’s Hospital in Beijing, with a much needed new pair of surgical loupes.  In June of 2016, we were able to to purchase and present surgical loupes to two junior pediatric cardiac surgeons at BaYi, allowing them to advance their training. We are so grateful to our donors for making it possible!

Also in June of 2016, we raised funds and purchased two sets of critical care transport equipment for BaYi Children’s Hospital and Dew Drops Cardiac Care Home, consisting of pulse oximetry units with sensors, portable oxygen concentrators, and suction machines.

In August of 2015, Harmony House Beijing was the recipient of an air conditioning unit thanks to LHM contributors. Thank you!

In September of 2016, we delivered tens of thousands in precision surgical instruments to the Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery department of BaYi Children’s Hospital, thanks to the incredible generosity of Scanlan International!

In 2016-2017, we will turn our attention to providing pulse oximetry units to orphanages and medical foster homes.  Stay tuned!




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As our Medical Mission program serves the purpose of training  cardiologists and surgeons in China who care for children in the hospital setting, and our Equipment program assists in providing the necessary tools to maximize that training, our Education program teaches the critical importance of early intervention. We seek to do our part to contribute to the long term well-being of China’s vulnerable children living with CHD through the education of those caring for them.  Through our partnerships, we offer training within hospitals, orphanages and medical homes in the care of children with CHD.

LHM nurses have provided cardiac nurse training at BaYi Children’s Hospital and Beijing United, as well at Little Flowers medical foster home, and our interventional catheterization and cardio-thoracic teams have participated in the First Congenital Cardiac Conference in Beijing, the 7th Annual All-China Cardiology Conference,  deliver lectures and participate in patient care during our trips to China.

In May of 2015, we were invited by the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption to make a presentation at the CCCWA’s training symposium which would take place in September, 2015.  With the support of Holt International Children’s Services/ Holt International China Foundation, we presented the “Love You More” Cardiac Care Program in Shanghai to a roomful of social welfare institute directors, Civil Affairs and CCCWA officials.

Prior to the Shanghai meeting, our presentation was made at numerous orphanages in Shandong Province during the Journey of Hope camp, allowing us to spread the word about the importance of timely intervention in the lives of the thousands of children with CHD residing in China’s orphanages.

We are currently partnering with the CCCWA to continue this work, and our physicians are now working directly with orphanages as consultants to provide care plans for children.




Dew Drops Cardiac Care Home


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We are proud to be partnering with Dew Drops Cardiac Care Home! This home is a model that we firmly support, offering care and intervention to not only orphan children, but also to vulnerable Chinese families struggling to provide their CHD children with medical care.  We are so excited to be a support to this new facility!

Please read our Little Hearts Medical Child Identification Coordinator and Dew Drops Director, Lily’s, description of the project.

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you to share about a new project that we are launching next month. With over 20 years of experience with orphan care in China, we are aware of some gaps that still exist in providing the best care to every abandoned child.

As you are probably aware, the number one reason why children are abandoned is due to the difficulties of caring for a child born with complex medical conditions. Families do not have the financial means to provide treatment for their child, basic resources including health care are limited and families lack the medical knowledge to make good decisions for their child’s treatment. Consequently parents are forced to make difficult decisions. This is where our new project, Dew Drops can help! 

Dew Drops provides both a long term, enriching home environment for abandoned children with complex congenital heart defects, and provides a temporary home for children from poor families in need of support and specialized care, while they navigate the health care system. Our primary focus is on children with complex heart defects.

Even after receiving life-saving surgeries, these children need on-going special treatment and care in order to survive. In our Orphan Care Unit, we provide both specialized care and psychological development in a trauma-informed manner. In our Family Care Unit, in addition to specialized care, we also focus on training and advocating for parents as they seek the best medical treatment for their child.

Orphan Care Unit:

• 6 month old infants to 5 years old
• Infants with complex congenital heart defects 
• Capacity of 30 children per year 
• Every child will stay with us until he/she is adopted 
• Employ full time ‘moms’ who are trained in trauma-informed practices and who will provide continuous care for a single child. This helps abandoned children learn to form attachments and heal from the past trauma they have experienced. 

Family Care Unit:
• Children from poor families in rural areas born with complex heart defects
• Capacity of 5 children per month
• Duration: around 1 month 

The best part is, Little Flowers Medical Director, Lily will be spearheading this project. Lily has been working with orphans for the past 10 years. Her passion, medical skills and knowledge of the Chinese health system makes her the perfect director for this project. The concept behind this project was developed by Lily.


Baby Qiao Memorial Surgery Fund

As a partner to Dew Drops Medical Care Home in Beijing, we fundraise to cover the costs of cardiac surgery/ICU for the infants and children in its care, both orphan children and those living with their families.   Donations may be made here.  Thank you!




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